Search Treatment

an AHN | RHS Referral Management Solution

Finding the Right Provider and Referral Source for Your Patients

Our goal is to improve patient access and availability for clinically appropriate care supported by communication and care coordination. AHN | RHS is working to build a behavioral health system with our partners that support patient referral to the right provider for effective treatments and services within their communities. Working together we can restore a sense of well-being, hope and supports.

AHN | RHS is committed to improving access and availability for behavioral health services and social services addressing the social determinants of health through it’s:

  • comprehensive network of behavioral health providers
  • dedicated clinical staff within provider practices
  • the enabling web-based tool Search Treatment

AHN | RHS recognized the need to improve patient access for behavioral health services supporting providers and partners in their initiation of referrals through development of a referral management Search Treatment solution as a digital search portal:

  • Streamlining the referral process efficiently and effectively
  • Secure transmission of PHI, referrals securely encrypted
  • Enhancing communication and exchange of relevant health information
  • Engaging providers, patients and family/support system

Introducing ‘Search Treatment’ – AHN | RHS Referral Management Solution

Evidence-based practices suggests early treatment is best. No single treatment works best and treatments must address each person’s needs and conditions. Utilizing our digital search portal, it’s easy to find the right provider:

Search by Provider Name
When you know exactly who you need to refer to, or have an existing relationship/preferred partnership

Search by Care Category
Our behavioral health network consist of substance use, mental health, or SDoH providers

Search by Filters
Service type, languages, insurance, special populations, etc. to best address patient needs

Search by Keyword
Use a keyword search such as “therapy”, “DWI”, or “veteran” for quick search 

Search by Location
Enter zip code and providers will appear in order of distance to cater to geographic preference

Goals / Expectations of Utilizing the Search Treatment Referral Management Digital Portal

  What You’ll Gain

  • Simple, streamlined digital referral solution
  • Comprehensive Behavioral Health and Social Service taxonomy
  • Secure transmission of PHI, referrals securely encrypted
  • Patient focused referrals via multi-filter option
  • Access to a comprehensive, responsive and quality behavioral health network
  • Electronic approach to document/track referrals
  • Closed loop solution and follow-up communications when patient consent is obtained
    • Appointment Confirmation
    • Appointment Outcome
    • Support exchange of clinical/discharge information
  • Data/Reporting on:
    • Referral tracking
    • Show rate
    • Care coordination
    • Lessons Learned

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Working together with leading national health plans, medical practices and local hospitals, AHN | RHS is dedicated to prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and recovery management engaging patients in treatment plans. We’re delivering an innovative and alternative approach to support our local demographic with well over 300 individual services sites throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau County and Suffolk County.

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