Welcome To Advanced Health Network and Recovery Health Solutions

Advanced Health Network (AHN) and Recovery Health Solutions (RHS) is an Independent Practice Association (IPA) comprised of 48 independent behavioral health and social determinants of health (SDoH) organizations providing integrated behavioral health services in a self-sustaining and cohesive program – throughout the five boroughs of NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, and upstate New York.

Working together with leading national health plans, medical practices and local hospitals, AHN|RHS is dedicated to quality patient care and reducing hospital re-admissions.

AHN|RHS provides integrated healthcare solutions and social support through “centers of excellence” and “neighborhoods of care”, while delivering an innovative and alternative approach to support our local demographic.

Our goal is to provide a clinically and financially integrated system of providers that are responsive to the changing needs of the healthcare marketplace, while delivering quality care with over 300 individual service sites.

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Compliance Hotline: 646-992-3604 or compliance@ahnrhs.com

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